drinks ideas for a working lunch

Non-alcohlic working lunch

You’re all busy. It’s been a mission finding a few hours when everyone’s available to work together. The things you’ll decide and the progress you’ll make today are important. So it makes sense to work through lunch.

But a paper plate of cheese sarnies and a bag of ready salted won’t exactly inspire a productive afternoon. So here are our thoughts on working lunches that will boost your colleagues and make sure everyone’s firing and full of great ideas all afternoon.

You will need:

•  Fresh fruit – melon sticks, strawberries, and chunks of mango

•  Herby salad – leaves mixed with finely sliced mint and citrus dressing

•  Watermelon and feta salad – fresh and tasty

•  Little pots of mixed, unsalted nuts – plenty of protein to keep you going

•  Mini falafels – good for protein and fibre

•  Chicken skewers with tzatziki – can you see a protein theme emerging here?

•  Chopped veggies and hummus

•  Banana and oat energy bites

•  Iced water

•  Sea Arch G&Ts


All the protein and fresh ingredients will keep you and your colleagues alert, awake and able to concentrate for the whole afternoon.


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