Girls night in

It’s amazing isn't it? When you work out how much time flies by since you last caught up with your mates. So don't put it off any longer – get on WhatsApp and make it happen. #Girlsnightin.

And it doesn’t have to be all facemasks and wine. You can have a fun, chilled out evening with plenty of delicious food and sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks. And bonus – no hangover the next morning.

Here's what we're doing for our next friends' night in:

Plan an easy spread

Girls’ night is about catching up with friends. So rather than spend hours in the kitchen, you could order in – or make something ahead. Or, get your friends involved by giving everyone a dish to bring. Even easier, buy antipasti and nibbles. You’ll have a ready-made buffet in no time.


Set up a Sea Arch bar

A DIY drinks station means you spend less time hosting and more time relaxing. Gather all the bits and pieces you need to create our delicious non-alcoholic cocktails:

•  Ice – and an ice bucket is handy to keep it cold for longer

•  Glasses – we love drinking our non-alcoholic gin from balloon glasses

•  Premium tonic

•  Grapefruit juice

•  Plenty of lemons and limes

•  Sliced grapefruit and cucumber

•  Little bowls filled with blueberries, pomegranate seeds and juniper berries

•  Sprigs of rosemary and basil

•  A chilled bottle (or two!) of Sea Arch


Don't forget

•  A knife and chopping board for slicing up limes

•  A little bin or bowl for waste

•  Pretty paper straws


Do something fun

Whether you go for a Netflix binge, board game marathon, mani-pedis or just a long overdue catch up – it’s all about spending time together and doing what you like to do. Keep the dress code casual and make sure there are plenty of comfy cushions and blankets so you can really relax and unwind.


Send us piccies of your fabulous girls’ night #SeaArchOccasions