Sea Arch a week of you

Something you begin to notice as you get a teeny bit older is that time kind of speeds up. Before you know it, months have passed. You still haven’t cleared out the spare bedroom. Or started that novel. Or enrolled on that interior design course.

It’s easy to see why – you’re too busy running around after everyone else and making sure their needs are looked after. Work commitments, kids, parents, dogs, cats, friends having meltdowns…

Which is all important stuff. But in amongst all of that, you need to make sure that you have time too. Otherwise it’s easy to end up frustrated, resentful and generally peed off. And before you know it, you might end up thinking it’s too late to go chasing some of those dreams.

Taking time for yourself – even if it’s only five minutes every day – is important. The clever people over at Happify say giving yourself time to be alone with you every day helps you to: 

  • Reboot your brain

  • Unwind

  • Improve your concentration

  • Be more productive

  • Think deeply

  • Solve problems

  • Have better relationships

So as counter-intuitive as it may seem, doing things just for you is good for everyone.

If you’re not very good at making time for yourself, we suggest you bootcamp yourself into the habit. Select a week (sometime very soon) in your diary. Then plan and schedule one thing you’re going to do for yourself EVERY DAY that week.

And when we say yourself, we mean just that. Your activity should be just you. No phone. No work email. No Facebook. Just you.

Sea Arch - make time for a week of you

When you plan your #AWeekOfYou, sit down with a cuppa – or a cool glass of refreshing Sea Arch - and write down all those things that you love doing (or have always fancied doing), but somehow never find the time. If you need some ideas, here’s a few to think about…

  • Drive to your favourite spot for a walk

  • Set your alarm and watch the sun rise

  • Go for a run

  • Buy a pack of greetings cards and send them to the people you love with a little “thinking of you” message

  • If you can only grab five minutes, do it. Light a lovely candle and do a meditation – breathe deeply and remember how wonderful you are

  • Smash a spin class

  • Watch a new podcast

  • Change it up with a new hair do

  • Indulge in a massage

  • Go to your favourite deli

  • Get creative with an art class – find one online if it’s too much of a mission to find one locally

  • Visit a museum or gallery

  • Get your nails done

  • Finally read that book you’ve been wanting to

  • Plan a new project

  • Take an hour to go to a café, have a nice tea or latte and read a magazine. No work emails allowed. No Facebook. Just you, your thoughts and the moment

Then get into the habit. As soon as you think, “Ooh, that looks nice…” find a slot in your diary to make that thing happen for you.

Let us know how you get on.