Sea Arch presentation.jpg

Have you noticed the Christmas displays creeping into shops? We’ve decided to stop tut-tutting about it happening sooner every year. Instead, we’re using this opportunity to do some forward-planning for wowing our guests when December finally gets here.

Here are some of the beautiful glasses we’ve got our eye on – and the cocktails we think they’ll be perfect for.

Understated chic

John Lewis glass.png

Aren’t these stylish? And at £7 each, they’re a treat that won’t break the bank. We love them and think they’re perfect for our Rockpool cocktails.

Find them at John Lewis.

Old school glam

Next glasses.png

These gold-rimmed beauties are available from Next – at £16 for a set of two. We think they’re perfect for a Sea Arch non-alcoholic Classic G&T.

Buy them here.

Pretty in pink petals

Etsy glasses.jpg

These hand-painted balloon glasses are available from The Woodpecker’s Attick, via Etsy. They’re £16.95 each – and you can mix and match different flower designs. Perfect, we think for our South Westerly cocktails.

Get them on Etsy.

Ice queen cool

Amazon glasses.png

These elegant hi-balls are just about perfect for adding some extra party glitz to our Blue Ocean cocktail. And at £19.97 for a set of six from Amazon, they’re great value too.

Find them here.

Cute and kitsch

ASDA glasses.png

How adorable are these? We suggest mixing a whole tray of Sea Rose cocktails for your friends in these super-cute hi-balls, which are just £5.40 for a set of six.

Pick them up at ASDA.

Ooh, there’s posh

Dartington glasses.png

This pair of Dartington crystal glasses with a little smatter of bling will set you back £47 a pair. And we think they’d look even happier with Sea Arch Sea Garden cocktails in them.

Buy them here.