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It’s October 1 – and for lots of people, that means ditching booze for the next four weeks. If you’re taking on Macmillan’s Go Sober for October challenge – or just want an alcohol-free month – here are a few tips to help you succeed:

Tell your friends

If people know you’re not drinking, they’re less likely to buy you a beer or suggest a wild night out. So let your friends and family know you’re going sober for October. They’ll be able to support you if you’re struggling – and who knows, they may even decide to join you.

Plan your week

If you usually wind down with a glass of wine on a Friday or go drinking with friends on the weekend, plan fun things (that don’t involve alcohol) to do instead. Escape rooms or board game nights could be great group activities. Or if you prefer something more relaxing, you could book a massage or go for a swim and sauna session at your local pool.

Try something new

No booze means no hangovers. So if you usually spend Saturday night in the pub and Sunday morning sleeping it off, you’ll now have plenty of extra time. So make the most of it – take up a new hobby, get some exercise in – or just get outside and enjoy the crisp autumn air.

Keep your drinks interesting

Alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean coke or lemonade. There are some delicious non-alcoholic alternatives out there that taste just like their boozy counterparts – and of course, our Sea Arch cocktails are the perfect sophisticated choice for both dinner parties and cosy nights in.

Whatever you plan for your sober October, we wish you good luck! And let us know how you get on – you can tweet us @sea_arch or find us on Facebook.