Keeping the calories down at your BBQ

That blissful tangy scent of salt is in the air. The sun is blazing and the sand is warm between your toes. It can only mean one thing! Time for a beach barbie – and of course, a non-alcoholic G&T. (And actually, even if you need to wrap up in a blanket on a windswept beach, it's still time for a BBQ...)

You will need:

•  A portable BBQ

•  Reusable picnic plates and cutlery

•  A great BBQ mackerel recipe

•  Ice cubes in a flask to stop them melting

•  A cool bag of premium tonic, lime slices and Sea Arch – because a classic G&T is the perfect non-alcoholic drink for a beach barbie.


Don’t forget:

•  Your sunscreen

•  Plenty of water

•  Something to wipe your hands with

•  A bag to bring your rubbish home


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Healthy beach BBQ